Testimonies - 2015 March Retreat (Lay People)

சாட்சியங்கள் - 2015 மார்ச் மாத தியானம் (பொதுமக்கள்)
Mrs Jainey - Krishnagiri - Friday, 13th March 2015

Praise the Lord; I am Mrs. Jainey from Krishnagiri. I had infection in my right eye for many months. Despite continuous treatments, the infection remained and the pain was intolerable. I came to the retreat only with the hope that I will get some relief here.

During this retreat, I was praying earnestly to the Lord to cure my eye infection. As if God had started answering my prayers, pain in my eye started subsiding from yesterday onwards and today the pain has subsided completely and the eye has become normal.

I am fully cured and I thank my almighty God for curing me. Halleluiah...!!!

Mrs Alphonse - Dharmapuri - Friday, 13th March 2015

Praise the Lord; I am Mrs. Alphonse from Dharmapuri. I am coming to this Ashram right from the 1st day onwards. We had our own house but we had borrowed against that house for various reasons. The debts had piled up so much that every day the lenders used to shout outside our house asking us to settle their dues.

But with 3 daughters and with only the meager income of my son, when we were already struggling to meet our needs, I could not even think about repaying their loans. I could not even show my face anywhere. The pressure from lenders was so much that my son used to lock the house from outside, whenever he went for duty.

I used to tell my woes to Fr. Stephen and cry. He used to pray for me and assure that God would surely help me, but only when I never give up my prayers. With the support of Fr. Stephen, I used to pray, pray and pray. And my only asset then was my Rosary only.

Meanwhile, one alliance approached us for my 1st daughter. Though they were good people, we had to refuse, since we were without a penny to perform the marriage. But they kept insisting that they didn’t want anything except my daughter. Finally I agreed but I still don’t know as to how the marriage took place with no money. It was only the Lord who conducted that marriage. Then my 2nd daughter went to college. And we were struggling to pay even the college fee. One Hindu friend only helped us with the college fee. My daughter also worked part time while studying.

She has finished her Post graduation and God has blessed us by getting her a job in Switzerland. We have repaid all our loans and my 3rd daughter’s marriage has also been completed few months back. Our Lord has led us through the bitter cup of sorrows and given us a peaceful life now. Everything was possible only because of Our Lord Jesus and Carmel Mother. Praise the Lord; Halleluiah...!!!

Mrs Shantha - Sivadi - Friday, 13th March 2015

Praise the Lord; My name is Shantha from Sivadi and I am a Hindu. I used to come to this Ashram frequently for Day Retreats. I had special affection towards Lord Jesus and Mother Mary and I used to pray to them for everything. My son is a contractor and life was going on without any issues.

But for the past 10 months he did not get any work, despite trying his best. And I was very much worried and attended this 5 day retreat, sincerely praying to Lord Jesus to help my son get contracts. As if God had answered my prayer, Brother told me during the counseling session that my son will get works very soon. And yesterday night during adoration also, I was praying more earnestly to Lord Jesus to support my family.

Today just before the commencement of this session, my son had come by bike to see me. He had told me that he has got 2 orders along with advance amount also and he had cleared all our debts with that money.

I truly believe that Lord Jesus is the only living God and it was only His miracle. Praise the Lord; Halleluiah...!!!

Mrs Irudhaya Mary - Kumbakonam - Friday, 13th March 2015

Praise the Lord; My name is Irudaya Mary and I am from Kumbakonam. I had come to this retreat with a heavy heart but God has made me to rejoice through His miracle. I had been suffering with sores in both my legs for the past 11 years, with my legs swollen like elephantiasis, and puss, water and blood oozing all the time.

I had taken various treatments in Chennai, Pondicherry, Bangalore, etc., but nothing has cured this. Unable to walk, and with continuous pain, in addition to the stench of puss and blood, my life was like in hell. And obviously my family members were fed up.

Very recently, I had come to know about Fr. Stephen. I told my son about my wish to go to Dharmapuri for the retreat, and asked him money for the trip. My son told that nothing has happened despite my going to church every day. Still he gave me Rs 1000, but with a condition that I could come back home only if my legs were cured, or to go somewhere as he didn’t have money to spend for me.

Though I was frightened, I was praying to God to cure me atleast in this Ashram so that I could go back home. I was depressed as well but I didn’t lose faith and throughout my journey, I prayed to Carmel Mother to take my legs and give me her legs. During counseling, Brother told that Lord cured my legs. From that time onwards I was very anxious.

The disease which could not be cured for the past 11 years has got cured within these 4 days and, see, almost all the scars and burns have already disappeared.

Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing my prayer. Praise the Lord; Praise the Lord; Halleluiah...!!!