Testimonies - 2015 January Retreat (Lay People)

சாட்சியங்கள் - 2015 ஜனவரி மாத தியானம் (பொதுமக்கள்)
Raj Kumar - Coimbatore - Friday, 16th January 2015

Praise the Lord; I am Raj Kumar from Coimbatore. Last year I came to attend the retreat in July 2014, while waiting for my final BE Mechanical Engineering results. Few hours after reaching here, my friend called me up and informed that the results had just been published and that I had passed in all subjects except in "Thermal Engineering" subject. I was sad, since I had fared well and expected to pass in all subjects.

During my counseling session, Brother Clement said that my heart was heavy with sorrow and enquired as to what was bothering me. I told him about my results. Brother consoled and prayed for me. And while praying he declared that I had passed in all subjects and asked me not to worry. I didn't fully understand what he meant as my results were already published and I had an arrear paper.

After reaching home, I applied for re-evaluation of that paper. And in Sep 2014, the result of re-evaluation again confirmed that I had failed. So, I applied for re-examination and paid the exam fee too.

And almost after 25 days while I was at home, I received a call from my college informing me that they had received a communication from Anna University that there was a mistake in the publication of my re-evaluation result; and I had actually passed in that subject. They asked me to check my results again. For sometime I just could not believe whether it was true, and only then I remembered what Lord had revealed through Brother Clement during my retreat. I am happy and I will be faithful to God throughout my life. I have come again now to share my witness with you all.

I have no words to explain the awesome power of our Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord; Halleluiah...!!!

Mary Josephin & Jeya Mary - Chennai - Friday, 16th January 2015

Praise the Lord; I am Mary Josephin from Chennai and I am a nurse. I had come to the retreat with my Mom Jeyamary. My Mom had pulmonary TB in 2007 and was very sick then. Though she recovered, she always drank and bathed in hot water and used to be covered in warm clothes always, as cold water or cold climate aggravated her condition. I was not very prayerful till I attended Fr Stephen's sermon on "Jesus's blood is Victory", in St. Thomas Mount few months back. But attending Fr's sermon, kindled the desire in me to pray, read Bible and recite Rosary. Since then, whenever I happened to be alone, I used to pray to Our Lord for my Mom to protect her within the Fort of His Blood. And I used to tell my Mom too to recite "Jesus's blood is Victory", as many times as she could.

And I tried attending this retreat for few months, I could manage to come only this month, and my Mom too came with me. Here too every day I earnestly prayed for my Mom. On all days, my Mom not only did not drink hot water but also took bath in cold water, some thing I could not even imagine otherwise - and she is perfectly alright. I believe that Our Lord has cured my Mom completely.

Praise the Lord; Halleluiah...!!!

Monica - Chennai - Friday, 16th January 2015

Praise the Lord; I am Monica from Chennai. I am doing my 2nd year M.A English Literature. During my first year B.A, to improve my English listening, comprehension and speaking skills, I started watching English Movies especially movies about devils. This gave me a kick as my friends used to get scared when I narrated the stories of the movies. Though I was brave initially to watch such movies, soon I started feeling scared. I was scared to walk alone, be alone and even while seeing a mirror, I used to feel as if someone was standing behind me. Soon I became scared of darkness and could not sleep at nights. I remained awake all through the nights, even till 5:30 in the mornings, and went to college by 8:30.

During this retreat, I was praying God to remove this fear from me. On the first day itself during adoration of the Blessed Sacrement while I was praying, I felt something like a cold breath leaving me and I instantly felt the relief. And during his message, Brother said that Our Lord will provide sound sleep to all those who didn't get sleep. And throughout this retreat, I have experienced peaceful sleep every night, from the moment I lied in my bed till morning. And I am not scared of anything anymore.

Praise the Lord, Halleluiah...!!!