A Spiritual Healing & Renewal Centre Of The CMI Congregation @ Sogathur Dharmapuri

In its 12th Year of Service to the Catholic Church

Facilities at our Ashram.

Photographs may not be up-to-date, as facility upgradation keeps happening throughout the year.

Established by the CMI Fathers of Coimbatore Province in 2008, in a sprawling 23-acre campus closer to the Dharmapuri - Pennagaram - Hogenakkal State Highway 60 at Sogathur, a small hamlet 5 kilometres from Dharmapuri, we offer charismatic renewal programmes for both the lay people as well as the religious.

Blessed with a natural setting ideal for prayer and meditation, our Ashram has a
  • Our Lady of Carmel Church that could seat upto 200,
  • A gigantic convention centre that could seat comfortably over 1000 people,
  • A small adoration chapel used for intercessory prayers,
  • Registration counter, Stall with religious artifacts,
  • A newly built dining hall that could separately seat over 100 men and women at a time
  • And separate retiring blocks for men and women provided with cots, beds and pillows.
As more and more laity and religious wish to attend the retreats, please pray to the Lord to increase capacity of the Church and the retiring blocks to accomodate more.

Here are some of the important retreat / prayer events, that happen in our Ashram:

  • Full-Day Retreats that happen on the Second Saturdays of Every Month (Morning 9 - Evening 4).
    Spiritually charged sessions with the Way of the Cross, Rosary, Deliverance Prayer with Holy Cross, Confession, Spiritual Message, Holy Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and final Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament, these retreats attract people from all parts of the state, who testify the abudant blessings they receive from our Lord.

  • 5-Day Residential Retreats that begin on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of Every Month (Mon Evening 3 - Fri Monring 9).
    As of now, we have facilities to accomodate only about 75 male and 75 female participants, through advance bookings. And when we hear people insisting for a seat even after the bookings are full, saying "they are ready to bear all the inconveniences for an opportunity to attend the retreats", we understand the zeal and the want of the people.

    And its only those people who have attended retreats and those who after attending a retreat want to come again and again, stand testimony to the high and mighty works of Our Lord that have stood witness to.

    We realise as to how abundantly our Lord has blessed this campus, when we hear from so many people as to how surprisingly they have been relieved of some their physical problems, anxieties and psychological probems that they had suffered for years, from the momemnt they had set foot on the campus.

    During all days of the retreats, our volunteer brothers and sisters continuously engage in intercessory prayers in the holy presence of the Blessed Sacrament at multiple locations, for the fulfillment of all the intentions and needs of the retreat participants.

    We invite you too to engage in intercessary prayers, if possible, from wherever you are for the same intentions.

  • 7-Days Residential Retreats for Reverend Sisters (Sun - Sat).
    Lay people are NOT allowed to participate in these deeply prayerful retreats of the religious, that we organize 4 times in a year.

    Please pray zealously for the blessings and divine protection for the hundreds of reverend sisters that have experienced Our Lord in various ways during their retreats (miraculous cure of ailments, divine inspiration & rejuvenation of faith) and resolved to live only for Him and lead courageous testimonial lives in their own ways.

  • Full-Night Vigil that happen on the Fourth Fridays of Every Month (Night 9 - Morning 5).
    Hundreds of people from the near and far, some of them from as far as Pondicherry and Kanyakumari, travel every month to participate in these retreats spiritually charged with the Way of the Cross, Rosary, Deliverance Prayer, Rosary, Spiritual Message, Holy Mass, Procession of the Blessed Sacrament within the campus, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament and ending with the blessing of vehicles.

    Despite the vigil getting over by 5, one will be surprised to see the long queues of so many people, waiting for hours to have a word with Fr. Stephen and receive his blessings.

    The testimonies of so many people for the many wonders that Our Lord continue to work in their lives, vouch for the special & abundant blessings that Our Lord continue to shower upon these blessed flock that remain "Awake and Pray".

  • Retreats at Parishes and Religious Places (Based on Prior Bookings Only).
    Kindly book in advance for appointments with Fr. Stephen, as dates for retreat programmes at Parish Churches and Religious Congregations are booked by the respective Parish Priests and Superiors of Congregations, many months in advance.

Our humble prayer requests

  • For Our Beloved Bishop of Dharmapuri Diocese
    Impressed with the mighty works of God at our Centre and as an extraordinary gesture of love and affection towards us, His Lordship, Our beloved Most Rev Dr Lawrence Pius, the Bishop of Dharmapuri Diocese, celebrates Holy Mass and blesses participants of residential retreats, amidst all his travels and tough work schedule at all times possible.

    Please pray daily to the Lord to bless him abundantly with the best physical, spiritual health & long life and all his endeavours.

  • For Our Beloved Fathers
    Kindly remember in your daily prayers, our fathers that run the Ashram as per the will of Our Lord, travelling tirelessly to any place invited, throughout the year, with only the Word of the Lord as their food, comfort, solace & companion, with comforting of people in their miseries and consolidating their catholic faith as their only goal.

    Please pray fervently to Our Lord to bless them abundantly in every way possible, and protect and lead them every moment in their mission to bring more souls to Our Lord. Pray also to bless all their endeavours undertaken for the growth of the Ahram, and grace their early completion.

  • For Our Wonderful Ministerial Brothers and Sisters Serving Our Ashram
    Also, kindly remember in your prayers all our Ministerial Brothers and Sisters Serving Our Ashram. Pray to Our Lord to bless them and their families abundantly with Wisdom, Health & Wealth and grow them in their ministries.

  • For Our Donors and Prayer Warriors
    Also pray for all our donors and those prayer waariors that support us with their prayers. Please pray to our Lord to bless each one of them and their families, professions abundantly in all ways possible.